Enjoy weightless, cooling sleep with the AS3. We combine sleep-promoting foam layers with bouncy pocketed coils to cradle your body and keep you lifted in healthy alignment.

The surface you sleep on is incredibly important to your comfort. That’s why we developed the Refresh Cover for our mattresses.

Because it’s made from a fiber with extremely high energy transfer capabilities, the Refresh Cover draws heat from your skin for a delightfully cool-to-the-touch feel. On average, your sleeping surface will stay 7 degrees cooler over an eight-hour night of rest.

Plus, our plant-based Bio-Pur material keeps you cool all night. Its open-cell design allows more air to circulate than the traditional foam — and more airflow means cooler sleep, less sweating, and no more tossing and turning.

Mattress Size

Single Size Mattress, Medium, Double, & Queen Size Mattress, Queen, Super and King Size Mattress

Mattress Specification

120X60X10, 120X60X15, 120X60X20, 190x90x1, 190X90X10, 190X90X13, 190X90X15, 190x90x2, 190X90X20, 190x90x25, 190x90x30, 190x90x5, 190X90X8


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