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Le Paradis Du Matelas


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About Us

Since 1983, We are Rwanda’s leading manufacturer of Mattresses, pillows, and other sleep accessories to fit your resting needs. Our Vision is to provide the end-user with a product that creates an experience of peace, tranquillity and satisfaction. Sleeping is one thing people do one-third of their lifetime, and so at Rwanda Foam, our vision is to ensure that sleep becomes a memorable experience every day. Our mission is to provide clients with the best quality foams and spring mattresses, and other products to expand their choice and obtain the best value for their time and money.
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New Inzozi Mattress

New style, bright colours, creative design. Discover our new Inzozi Mattress and experience comfort in a new way.
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"The only Rwandan mattress we know and love #Rwandafoam"

Client Review - Laurence Umuhoza
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Mattress Size

The size of a mattress is the dimesion of the width, lenght, and thickness measurements of a mattress. The size of your mattress is determined by the size of your bed. Therefore, incase you are not sure mattress size you should get, measure your bed's length, width and thickness (from the bed rack to the edge of the bed frame).
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Visit Us

*Special Economic Zone, Masoro, Rwanda *Gikondo near Engine station *Muhima near ex-Tigo
Working Hours
MON - FRI: 8:00am - 17:00pm, SAT: 8:00am - 14:00pm

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