How much is a Rwandafoam mattress?

  • The prices of mattresses depend on the type and size of mattress you are looking for. All prices are displayed below each product.

What discount are you offering?

  • Discounts are announced on our social media pages and live on the website.
  • They also come with a discount coupon code to use to access it.

What makes the Inzozi mattress special or different from other Rwandafoam Mattresses?

  • It is available in two different unique mattress covers that signify its unique name.

 How much would it cost me to get my mattress delivered?

  • Delivery fee is 6000 rwf within Kigali.

Where can I find your suppliers?

  • There are up to 60 suppliers across the country characterized by a yellow Rwandafoam poster.
  • Visit our dealer’s page on our website to access their locations and contact details.

What differentiates Rwandafoam products from each other?

  • Rwandafoam products are differentiated by their densities and size categorization.
  • We have Density 16, 18, 20, and 25.
  • Sizes we have single-size mattresses, medium, double, and queen-size mattresses, and queen super and king-size mattresses.

What do those specification numbers mean?

  • Specification numbers refer to the mattress sizes which include; Width, length, and thickness.

How much are Rwandafoam pillows?

  • The prices of pillows depending on the type and size of pillows you are looking for.
  • All prices are displayed below each product.

How can I make a personalized special order for my mattress?

  • By contacting us through phone call (+250788730661 / +250782134963)and email ( /

Between the Orthopedic, the Executive, and the Inzozi mattress, which one of them is the most ideal for a person with back pain issues?

  • All our mattresses are comfortable and prevent back pain. However if one is suffering from back pain, we recommend the Orthopedic mattress as the material and the mattress itself is specifically designed for those already suffering from back pain.

How long does it take to process my personalized mattress order?

  • It takes 5 days to process your personalized mattress from the day you place the order.

Does Rwandafoam have an installment payment scheme?

  • No

Does Rwandafoam ship its products to other countries outside Africa?

  • No, it does not